Now that the weather is heating up, it is important to keep the family pet cool and safe. 10 Tips: 1.) Provide your pet with a constant supply of cool, fresh water and shade; pets can dehydrate quickly. 2.) Time exercise lessons for the coolest part of the day. Early morning or evening is best…and keep to the shade as much as possible. 3.) Don’t over-exercise your pet in the heat even after the sun has gone down, pets can still get heat stroke. 4.) Never EVER leave your pet in a parked car on a hot day. Even with the windows rolled down, the temperature can quickly climb and kill your pet. 5.) Make sure your dog can swim before he goes in the water. If you are going in a boat, put a life jacket on your pet even if he can swim. If the boat capsizes and the dog is injured or stressed, the life jacket will keep him afloat until he can be saved. 6.) Take steps to keep your dog cool if she must stay outside in hot weather. Provide shade, water and hose her down several times a day. 7.) Keep your cat and dog off hot pavement at all times. Tender paws can get blistered and because the pet is so close to the ground they can quickly overheat. 8.) Avoid exposing your pet to toxic lawn and garden products. 9.) Keep your pet safe at summertime celebrations. Watch them around barbecues  don’t leave it unattended. Also, don’t take them to fireworks, many animals suffer extreme stress from loud sounds. 10.) Use a safe, natural pest preventative for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. A holistic veterinarian can recommend chemical free solutions.

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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Did you ever drink so much of a certain kind of alcohol that you get so sick that you can’t drink that kind of alcohol again? That’s how I’ve decided to quit drinking. one-at-a-time. – Doug Stanhope

SAYING OF THE DAY: A quiet man is a thinking man….A quiet woman is usually mad.

HAPPY MAY 19 BIRTHDAY TO: Grace Jones 65, Peter “Chewbacca” Mayhew 69, Pete Townsend 68, Dusty Hill 64, Kyle Eastwood 45, Archie Manning 64, Dario Franchitti 40, and Malcolm X (1925-1965).

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