16 Mar 2013
March 16, 2013

50 Million Cars

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THIS DAY IN BUSINESS: 1958 Ford Motor Company announces it has produced it’s 50 millionth vehicle, averaging about 1 million cars per year since founding.

PHSYCOLOGICAL FACT: When you cry and the first tear comes from the┬áright eye, it is happiness. If the first tear comes from the left eye, it is pain. If you cry from both eyes at the same time, you’ve stepped on a Lego.

COMPUTER LOGIC: I want to REFRESH my mind, DELETE all my problems, UNDO my mistakes and SAVE the happy moments.

HAPPY MARCH 16 BIRTHDAY TO: Blake Griffin 24, Tyrel Jackson Williams 16, Jerry Lewis 87, Eric Estrada 65, Rupert Sanders 42, Mercedes McCambridge (1916-2004), Victor Garber 64, Alan Tudyk 42, Tara Buck 38, Gore Verbinski 49, Henny Youngman (1906-1998), Pat Nixon (1912-1993), Paul Schneider 37, andJerome Flynn 50