Pets in the Park – an event well attended every year. Bring your pet down to the park any time between 9:00am-4:00pm. Help out these wonderful charitable agencies who care for vulnerable animals.

Today, Sunday July 9 2017 is the annual Pets In The Park held at Bessborough Park. Below is an article taken from the Pets In The Park Facebook Page. This is a great day to show off your pride and joy to everyone else who is showing off their pride and joy. There are lots of informational booths, demonstrations, food trucks, free give-aways and things to do. This event is always well attended and benefits pets in need. Please read the article below and attend this wonderful event.

Pets In The Park is an independent, registered charity that is run by volunteers. We support responsible pet owners, the Saskatoon SPCA, New Hope Dog Rescue and SCAT Street Cat Rescue. All monies raised are evenly divided and donated to support medical costs incurred by these three rescues. We believe in transparency about which rescues the monies raised by our event go to support. We also endorse these rescues and support the wonderful work they do.

Saskatoon PIP was originally created by the collaborative efforts of these three groups. Today, representatives of these three organizations continue to sit on our board in exchange for the funds they receive. We are an umbrella charity and require accountability for how the funds donated by you are utilized. We require that these rescues have accurate accounting, be registered non-profits, have boards with established policies, excellent animal welfare records, veterinarian-referred medical care and long-standing accountability. By supporting a set number of rescues, we feel we can make the biggest difference to the animals themselves and we have wonderful stories of specific animals that have benefited from the funds donated through PIP.

Since PIP was created, many other rescues have appeared in Saskatoon. Over the years we have worked with select other rescues, but have made a decision to focus our attention on the aforementioned groups. PIP started as an experiment to see how three rescues could work together for a common goal; we support and encourage other rescues to do the same. Collectively, all the rescues and the well-meaning individuals behind them should be applauded for their hard work and dedication to bettering the lives of the thousands of dogs, cats and other species who might not have had the same chances at life and contributing to the families who have adopted them and loved them.

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JOKE OF THE DAY: They call it a “selfie” because “narcissistie” is too hard to spell.

SAD DAY IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY: Nelsan Ellis, the actor who starred in HBO’s True Blood as Lafayette Reynolds, has died. He was 39. Nelsan passed away after complications from heart failure.

HAPPY JULY 9 BIRTHDAY TO: Kelly McGillis 60, Tom Hanks 61, Fred Savage 41, Jimmy Smits 62, Courtney Love 53, Kevin O’Leary 63, John Tesh 65, Richard Roundtree 75, Chris Cooper 66, Kevin Nash 58, Linda Park 39, and Bon Scott (1946-1980).

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