Don’t toss those orphan socks — the singles who get mysteriously separated from their pairs between washing and drying can be helpful. Put them to use in a variety of smart ways to help keep your home a bit cleaner.

1. Dust Your Plants: Slip a couple of damp socks on your hands and give the leaves of your favorite plants the gentle touch for a dusting that won’t damage. Toss the sock in the wash when you’re done. 

2. Clean Your Blinds: Next, spritz those damp socks with vinegar or another cleaner you favor and use those dexterous digits to get in the nooks and crannies of your blinds for a deep clean. Toss the sock in the wash when you’re done. 

3. Deodorize: Socks are like satchels waiting to happen, so add some of your favorite good-smelling dried plant, like lavender, for a satchel you can stick in a linen closet, dresser drawer or anywhere you need it.

4. Say Goodbye To Spiderwebs: Grab a yard stick and an old sock to dust up in those high corner you can’t normally reach otherwise.

5. Save Your Swiffer: Don’t keep splurging on new refills for your Swiffer brooms and mops; just slip a dry or wet old sock on to keep Swiffering for clean floors. Tip spotted on First For Women.

6. Clean Your Baseboards: Your baseboards are a sad, often-neglected space, but a swipe of them every and now and then can make a big impact on your space feeling cleaner.

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