6 Unusual But Very Effective Household Uses for a Hair Dryer…..

*Remove Price Tags And Stickers..
Have you ever spent more time than you’re willing to admit scratching away at a price tag, only to resign in frustration as its small sticky bits refuse to flake away? Reclaim your afternoon from scratching at stubborn stickers with your hair dryer. The heat from the forced air is just hot enough to slightly melt sticker adhesive, which loosens its bond to a surface.
Hold the hair dryer 3 to 4 inches away from the sticker and allow the air to blow across the sticker for 1 to 2 minutes. With your fingers, peel away the sticker.

*Custom Fit Plastic Frame Glasses..
Tired of sunglasses not fitting correct? Do your store bought reading glasses keep sliding down your nose?
Create a custom fit with your hair dryer. With the dryer set on “high,” point the air stream 1 to 2 inches away from its ends for 30 to 60 seconds.
The hot air will make the plastic moveable.
Simply mould them to fit your head, and within a matter of minutes you have custom fit glasses.

*Remove Wax From Carpet Or A Hard Surface..
When dry, candle wax is nearly impossible to remove from a surface. Simply this frustrating experience by heating the wax with your hair dryer. Once pliable, the wax can be removed by picking at it with a paper towel. On carpet, this process may need to be repeated several times for complete removal.

*Make Your Cake Or Cupcake Frosting Shine..
Tired of dull, lifeless cake frosting?
Add some shine to your confectionery treats by heating the applied frosting with your hair dryer.
Be careful not to over­heat the frosting, as this will cause it to melt.

*Blow Away Mirror Steam..
After a hot shower, bathroom mirrors always feature the aftermath of your relaxation ­ a thick coat of steam.
Instead of using a towel to remove steam, which leads to mirror streaking, reach for your hair dryer.
Turn your hair dryer on “High” and dry the mirror using circular movements. Within a few minutes, the steam will disappear and you’ll have full access to your post­-shower beauty.

*Remove Crayon Marks From Walls..
While you strive for a clean home, a child sees a blank wall as the largest canvas on Earth.
Remove your child’s Crayon masterpiece with your hair dryer.
On the “High” setting, place the hair dryer 1 inch away from Crayon marks. With a clean towel, remove marks by wiping in a circular motion as the hair dryer heats the colored wax.

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