The kitchen pantry is an oft-overlooked feature of any home—but these kitchen pantry ideas will help you create a kitchen storage space that’s both stylish and extremely functional. *NOTE* Touring the Parade Of Homes in Saskatoon, we saw a home with a “butler’s pantry”. It was the ultimate in storage equipped with a bar sink and part of a new trend in kitchens.

When designing a new pantry, keep the shelves shallow and use doors for storage. A somewhat unique way to “create space” in your pantry is to make sure your shelves aren’t too deep. If they are, chances are you’ll be reaching to the far recesses of the pantry, over food stores from ages gone by, and your kitchen storage will become more “pile” than “pantry.” In an existing deep pantry, consider installing storage drawers to make selection easier. New drawer glides handle extra weight and frequent useage. Pictured in this pantry is space for cookie and cake pans stored vertically and taller shelves for small appliances. Go vertical with shelves and store little used pots and seasonal cooking items up high and keep a stool handy.

If your space can accommodate it, consider a recessed pantry, built into one of the kitchen’s walls. This low-profile option is out of the way when you need it to be, but easily accessible anytime. Another space-saving option is to create a pantry from unused cabinet space below the kitchen counter surface.

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