Since all the home decorating shows on television declared silk plants one of the biggest decorating mistakes of all time, silks have fallen into disfavor. The silk plant business is still alive and flourishing but in a different way. That is information for another blog.

You have seen them everywhere– bags of those ugly old silk flowers and garlands. Re-purpose them for theme parties, high niches where they look good from a distance or give them to the kids to make a cardboard parade float.

  • I have spray painted things like faded silk geraniums red and tucked them into my flower boxes with my real flowers and people can’t tell they aren’t real.
  • Try different colors. For example, if you like the shabby chic look then spray paint all of the silk flowers white and tuck them in different places.
  • Silver or gold will look great with many different styles of decorating.
  • Spray paint your old silk flowers black and use them to decorate for Halloween. The more worn the better.
  • Don’t forget you can paint those ugly old vases, too. They work especially well for things like Halloween decorations.

You can buy special silk flower paint, but I just use regular spray paint. Don’t stress about it if they don’t turn out or if the paint starts to peel after a bit, they were going to get tossed anyway.

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