24 Apr 2013
April 24, 2013

Tips To Tame Shelf Clutter

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TIPS TO TAME SHELF CLUTTER: 1.) As you load the shelf, step back every few minutes to view the overall look. It will save time, if in the end, you are unhappy with it and have to start over. 2.) Do not be afraid to use splashes of color, say, in a mask or some other trinket you have picked up on a vacation. Keep the color theme running through the other shelves in your unit. 3.) If the shelving unit has a closed back and you want to add interest, wallpaper the a couple of the cubes and place an interesting statue in that cube. 4.) if a statue or trinket is small in scale on the shelf, set it on a stack of books or a decorative box. 5.) Use this decorative box to hide little bits of clutter that don’t have a place on the shelf. 6.) Hang (or lean) a small framed picture or shadow box on the shelf and place small items in front. Don’t worry too much about covering up part of the picture. 7.) Do you have an antique flat-iron or a family heirloom? Display it front and center, don’t hide it. Some antiques work very well in contemporary settings. 8.) Repeat it. Symmetry is important, repeat a stack of books throughout the display. 9.) If the books are too different and cannot be arranged in any way that looks cohesive, cover the offending books in white paper or newsprint to ground the look. 10.) Great bookshelf items include globes, statues, small pictures or mirrors, wicker baskets (for the clutter), pencil jar with all the same color of pencils, decorative boxes and vases, bookends, mantle clocks or big pieces of faux coral for that ‘feel good’ item.

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RANT OF THE DAY: I am so old that I have actually dialed a rotary phone before, while listening to a Walkman, next to a black and white TV with aluminum foil on the rabbit ears….say WHAT?!!!!

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