27 Feb 2016
February 27, 2016

Coffee Lovers…Best Idea Ever

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Best Idea EVER……and so simple

Freeze in ice trays and transfer to a plastic zip lock bag.
You can use to cool down your coffee. Or use in iced coffee.
However you wish….

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JOKE OF THE DAY: The 5 second rule for food dropped on the ground, does not work if you have a 2 second dog.

HAPPY FEBRUARY 27 BIRTHDAY TO: Jennifer JWOWW Farley 29, Tony Gonzalez 40, Donal Logue 50, Ralph Nader 82, Kate Mara 33, Josh Groban 35, Howard Hessman 75, Joanne Woodward 85, Chelsea Clinton 36, Mitch Mustain 26, Timothy Spall 58, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow would have been 110, Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011) John Steinbeck (1902-1968) and Hugo Black (1886-1971).

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