This is one of the easiest centerpieces to assemble for Easter. All you need is a glass vase (any shape), small vase or glass to fit inside the larger vase, pastel jelly beans, Easter peeps and tulips. Line the bottom of the largest vase with a layer of jellybeans and set the smaller vase with water in the middle. Add more jellybeans around the small vase and line up peeps in between vases. Place a penny in the vase with the water, it helps preserve the tulips longer. Cut tulips at varying heights and add to water. Done! And It’s edible after.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where, they are from if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: I might not be that talented or athletic or good looking or smart or funny…I forgot where I was going with this.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 1912 – The Titanic leaves port for its ill-fated journey to New York.

HAPPY APRIL 10 BIRTHDAY TO: John Madden 81, Dean Norris 54, Steven Segal 65, Alex Pettyfer 27, Charlie Hunnam 37, Brian Setzer 58, Omar Sharif (1932-2015), Joseph Pulizer (1847-1911), and Harry Morgan (1915-2011).


09 Apr 2017
April 9, 2017

Another Lazy Sunday

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No real blog today. Just a couple of reminders.

  1. The last day to get in on our outdoor furniture pre-buy sale is Saturday April 15. Arrival on our dock the first week in May. Pick up any time after that. Free storage and assembly for Adirondacks.
  2. Charter House Interiors will be CLOSED Friday April 14 for Good Friday. OPEN Saturday April 15 and CLOSED Sunday April 16.

SHARING: I do not claim any post to be my own…I post who, or where, the sites originate if they are known.

THIS DAY IN ENTERTAINMENT: 2005 – Prince Charles marries 2nd wife Camilla; 1 day delay for Pope John Paul II funeral.

APRIL 9TH: Vimy Ridge Day (Canada) – Honors those who fought and died at the Battle of Vimy Ridge in World War I.

JOKE OF THE DAY: Weekends used to feel like mini-vacations. Now they feel like the minute boxers get between rounds.

HAPPY APRIL 9 BIRTHDAY TO: Hugh Hefner 91, Cynthia Nixon 51, Leighton Meester 31, Pauline Porizkova 52, Dennis Quaid 63, Marc Jacobs 54, Jay Baruchel 35, Jacques Villeneuve 46, Kristen Stewart 27, Keshia Knight Pulliam 38, Michael Learned 78, and Elle Fanning 19.

A shipment of outdoor grasses and succulents has arrived just in time for spring. Our previous supplier of succulents moved on and we needed to source out a different company. This is a display we set up in the store using two of the grass bunches, pussy willows, ‘birch bark’ look ceramic pots and a pair of loons. If you want to get a leg up on spring, come on down to Charter House and choose a few plants to get you started.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where, they are from if the source is known.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Life has no remote. Get up and change it yourself.

THIS DAY IN ENTERTAINMENT: 1986 – Actor Clint Eastwood is elected mayor in his local town of Carmel, California.

THIS DAY IN SPORTS: 1974- Hank Aaron hits his 715th home run, breaking Babe Ruth’s record.

HAPPY APRIL 8 BIRTHDAY TO: Robin Wright Penn 51, Shecky Greene 91, Julian Lennon 54, Taylor Kitsch 36, Richard Hatch 56, John Schneider 57, J.R. Bourne 47, Patricia Arquette 49, Sonia Henney (1912-1969), Gary Carter (1954-2012), and Betty Ford (1918-2011).

07 Apr 2017
April 7, 2017

Peel And Juice Citrus Easier

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Have you ever tried to peel and orange and the peel came off in dime size pieces? Here is a quick solution.

Sticking your citrus in the microwave 20 seconds softens the firm rinds and makes it easier to peel into.

This is along the same lines of making citrus easier to peel. In order to get the most juice out of citrus fruits, store them in the fridge but then microwave them for about 15-20 seconds before juicing them. Also rolling them on the counter while adding pressure with your hand breaks up the cell inside for more juice.

SHARING: I do not claim any post to be my own…I post who, or where, the sites originate if they are known.

SAD DAY IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY: Don Rickles 90, died Thursday at his home in Los Angeles as a result of kidney failure. He continued to headline lounges and concert halls well into his 80’s.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Politicians are always talking about Left-Wing and Right-Wing. What about centers? What about defencemen? What about goalies?

HAPPY APRIL 7 BIRTHDAY TO: The Internet 1970, Kevin Alejandro 41,Jackie Chan 63, Tony Dorsett 63, Russell Crowe 53, Janis Ian 67, Francis Ford Coppola 78,  Andrew Sachs (Manuel on Fawlty Towers) (1930-2016), Wayne Rogers (1933-2015), James Garner (1928-2014), Ravi Shankar (1920-2012), and Billie Holiday (1915-1959).

Crossroad Candles has named Pineapple Upside Down Cake as their candle fragrance for the month of April. We have it in the store right now and it is mouth-watering. Check out some of our other new candles…Grandpa’s Pipe, Crackling Birch and Caribbean Teakwood.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where, they are from if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: The first computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve. Surprise Surprise. It was an apple. But with extremely limited memory. Just 1 byte. Then everything crashed.

THIS DAY IN BUSINESS: 1995 – Craig Newmark launches Craigslist for the city of San Francisco – the local classifieds website would later become available in major cities around the world.

HAPPY APRIL 6 BIRTHDAY TO: Casper Smart 30, Candace Cameron 40, Billy Dee Williams 80, John Ratzenburger 70, Merle Haggard 80, Zach Braff 42, Michael Rooker 62, Marilu Henner 65, Paul Rudd 48, and Andre Previn 88.

05 Apr 2017
April 5, 2017

Three Piece Resin Outdoor Set

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This just arrived at Charter House Interiors this afternoon, 3 – three piece sets of collapsible resin outdoor furniture for those who have limited outdoor (and storage) space. Pack them up in a camper and be the most comfortable people in the campground or beach this summer. No need for cushions, these chairs are comfortable on their own (although we did try a small cushion on them). Either way, this makes for a super little conversation combo. Featured in a soft taupe colored resin. Our supplier is temporarily sold out of this product so don’t wait.

Chairs are: 29″W x 33″ H & Table is: 20″ Dia x 16.5″H

JOKE OF THE DAY: I’m glad I learned about parallelograms instead of how to do taxes. It has really come in handy this parallelogram season.

ANOTHER JOKE OF THE DAY: I don’t understand your specific kind of crazy, but I do admire your total commitment to it.

HAPPY APRIL 5 BIRTHDAY TO: Marshall Allman 33, Allan Clarke 75, Agnetha (ABBA) Faltskorg 67, Lily James 28, Bette Davis (1908-1989), Spencer Tracey (1900-1967), Gregory Peck (1916-2003), Frank Gorshin (1933-2005), and Gale Storm (1922-2009).

These solar powered garden lights are a whole lot of fun with a nod to nostalgia and of course the ever popular mason jar. Brighten up your garden or yard with these whimsical little fairy light jars. The solar panel is in the lid and collects sunlight all day. At sunset, a string of fairy lights inside the mason jar comes on. There are two settings for the lights, flashing and steady on. The macrame holders are reminiscent of the 1970’s but also hold a dual purpose…looking retro, and providing something fun to hang your jars in trees, on a fence,brackets or garden stakes. Hang these jars in a kid’s room as a fun night light, as long as they can collect some sun during the day, they will work at night. Large and small sizes are available at Charter House right now.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where, they are from if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: There are days at work when a paintball gun would come in handy.

HAPPY APRIL 4 BIRTHDAY TO: David E. Kelly 61, David Cross 53, Robert Downy Jr. 53, Craig T. Nelson 73, Jamie Lynn Spears 26, Christine Lahti 67, Hugo Weaving 57, Barry Pepper 48, Muddy Waters (1915-1983), Anthony Perkins (1932-1992), and Heath Ledger (1979-2008).

The Portfino has been a strong seller ever since it was introduced a few years ago. A combination of single large flat weave and double round weave in a warm (ESP) Espresso Country color is a big draw for customers. Also, there isn’t a fabric that doesn’t look good on this set. You tell us how you entertain and we can help you plan out an outdoor set that is custom just for your needs. The number of pieces and combinations of pieces in the Portfino is almost endless.

Sofa, love seat, club chair, swivel/glide club chair, left and right arm chaise, coffee table, end table and ottoman.

Sectional pieces: Left and right arm two seaters, armless chair, curved corner, sofa corner, right angle corner, wedge table, round coffee table and fire tables.

Dining table and chairs.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where, they are from if the source is known.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” – Theodore Roosevelt, 1903

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 1882 – Outlaw Jesse James shot to death in St. Joseph, Missouri, by one of his gang.

JOKE OF THE DAY: Never walk a mile in my shoes. You will just end up drunk, lost and looking for your shoes.

HAPPY APRIL 3 BIRTHDAY TO: Cat Cora 50, Amanda Bynes 31, Doris Day 95, Chad Owens “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” 35, Wayne Newton 75, Jenny Garth 45, Eddie Murphy 56, Pecabo Street 46, David Hyde Pierce 58, Alec Baldwin 59, Sebastian Bach 49, Paris Jackson 19, and Marlon Brando (1924-2004).

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where, they are from if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: Sometimes I can’t decide if I am in pre-school, high school…oh wait, I’m at work.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 1978 – “Dallas” TV show premieres on CBS
1978 – Velcro released in the marketplace.

APRIL 2 IS WORLD AUTISM DAY: Wear something blue today to show your support.

SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: Kevin Pryce, our website designer, updater and maintainer.

HAPPY APRIL 2 BIRTHDAY TO: Emmylou Harris 60, Michael Fassbender 40, Linda Hunt 72, Adam Rodriguez 42, Leon Russell 75, Christopher Meloni 56, Alec Guinness (1914-2000), Buddy Ebsen (1908- 2003), Rodney King (1965-2012), Marvin Gaye (1939-1984), Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875), Ron ‘Horshack’ Palilo (1949-2012), and Jack Webb (1920-1982).

Although…here is a tip. Join a full box of tissues to an empty box of tissues with elastics. That way, you will always have a fresh tissue and a garbage box at your fingertips.

SHARING: I do not claim any post to be my own…I post who, or where, the sites originate if they are known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: I was born to be wild but only until 10:00 pm or so.

HAPPY APRIL 1 BIRTHDAY TO: Jon Gosselin 40, Beth Tweddle 32, Susan Boyle 56, Ali McGraw 78, Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943), Gordon ‘Arthur Carlson’ Jump (1932-2003), Debbie Reynolds (1932-2016), and Bo Schembechler (1929-2006).

You’ve made the leap and purchased very comfortable, and expensive outdoor furniture. The salesman has probably told you, “Sure you can leave your furniture outside; it’ll be fine.” Yes…and no. Car paint fades in time, shingles on your roof need replacing, asphalt on roads wears out and siding on your house needs replacing after several years…why would you think outdoor furniture will stand up to blazing hot sun if these things don’t. Good quality outdoor furniture starts with UV protected resin or cast aluminum, best in the industry SUNBRELLA fabric and quick dry outdoor foam. You want your furniture to last for years but putting cushions away (especially large cushions), can be a pain every single time. Protect your investment with outdoor furniture covers. They keep UV rays off the cushions and the frames, prevent fading, keep your fabric clean, are extremely water resistant and will almost always have a combination of elastic and a draw string around the bottom to keep cushions from blowing away. A couple of hundred dollars for covers is wise insurance for expensive outdoor furniture…”the better you look after it; the better it looks after you.”

SHARING: I do not claim any post to be my own…I post who, or where, the sites originate if they are known.

THIS DAY IN BUSINESS: 1889 – Eiffel Tower opens – becomes the most visited, paid monument in the world.

THIS DAY IN ENTERTAINMENT: 1967- Jimi Hendrix tries to burn his guitar on stage in London Astoria.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Your smile is your logo. Your personality is your business card. Your lasting impression is your trademark.

HAPPY MARCH 31 BIRTHDAY TO: Angus Young still rockin’ at 62, Eric Clapton 72, Gabe Kaplan 72, Herb Alpert 82, Shirley Jones 83, Richard Chamberlain 83, Christopher Walken 74, Ewen McGregor 46, Tom Berenger 68, Pavel Bure 48, Al Gore 69, Rhea Perlman 69, and Gordie Howe (1928-2016).

30 Mar 2017
March 30, 2017

One Pot Sausage And Pepper Pasta

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Servings: 4-5

1 pound any short pasta (we used bow ties)

1 tablespoon olive oil

3 hot Italian sausages

3 sweet Italian sausages

1 red bell pepper, large diced

1 green bell pepper, large diced

1 yellow bell pepper, large diced

½ white onion, sliced

2 cloves of garlic, sliced

28 ounces can diced tomato

1 teaspoon oregano

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon black ground pepper
1. Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil, add a generous amount of salt, and cook pasta 2 minutes less than the package instructions.

2. Strain pasta and set aside. Toss with a small amount of oil to prevent sticking

3. In the same pot, heat 1 tbsp of olive oil and fry sausages, working in batches as needed, until deeply browned on all sides.

4. Remove sausages, slice in ¾-inch rings, and set aside.

5. Sauté all of the bell peppers, onion, and garlic for about 2 minutes.

6. Add the canned tomatoes, all of the spices, and the sausage slices to the pot.

7. Simmer about 10 minutes.

8. Add the pasta back to the pot and stir gently until all the ingredients are coated in the sauce. Continue simmering until pasta is al dente.

9. Serve with grated parmesan.

SHARING: I do not claim any post to be my own…I post who, or where, the sites originate if they are known.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “That’s the magic of what we in show business get to do…that it does live on. ” Patty Duke, 1997.

JOKE OF THE DAY: Let’s plan an exotic getaway to a different restaurant for lunch.

HAPPY MARCH 30 BIRTHDAY TO: Warren Beatty 80, Peter Marshall 91, Ingvar Kamprad (founder of IKEA) 91, Eric Clapton 72, Justin Moore 33, Ian Zeirling 53, Tracey Chapman 53, Mark Consuelos 46, Robbie Coltrane 67, Celine Dion 49, John Astin (1930-2014), Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), and Adam Goldstein (DJ AM) (1973-2009).