31 Aug 2014
August 31, 2014

Create A Coil Rug For Your Bathroom

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Create warmth and style on your bathroom floor with this simple coil rug. All you need is some braided polypropylene rope, heavy-duty duct tape, and scissors. For this rug, use rope that is 5/8-inches in diameter and 90 feet long. The rug was 3 feet wide when finished.

On a hard surface, tightly coil the rope so it starts to make a circle. As the circle gets bigger, apply duct tape to the rope so the coil doesn’t unwind. After coiling the rope to the desired rug size, add an extra layer of duct tape that lays in one direction. Trim ends that go over the outside edge of the rug. Eventually the duct tape will leave a sticky residue on the floor. To prevent this, hot glue or hand stitch a backing in a fabric of your choice. Flip over to see your finished creation.

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HAPPY AUGUST 31 BIRTHDAY TO: Richard Gere 65, Chris Tucker 43, Van Morrison 69, Frank Robinson 79, James Coburn (1928-2002), Maria Montessori (1870-1952), Buddy Hackett (1924-2003), Deborah Gibson 44, Marsha Clark 61, and Zack Ward 44.


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