Pallets are something a lot of businesses throw out, recycle or otherwise have no use for. If you ask a business for a pallet or two, they will likely be happy to give them to you. A little imagination will get you almost anything; coffee tables, pet beds, storage, wall mounted jewellery displays, coat hangers and furniture of all sorts. Who would do this? Say, you are just starting out and do not have a lot of money…invest the money you do have on a quality mattress and a quality sofa set and fill in with pallets until the rest of the pieces come together. Or say, you are searching for a funky piece for the ‘wow’ factor in a room, make something out of pallets, your friends will applaud your creativness. Make a modern headboard by cutting a pallet in half, sanding it and painting it in some wild color, and wall mount it. The coffee table pictured here would take some work to get it this ‘polished’ but look at the results! Awesome and almost free. If you are wanting a table, choose a pallet with the slats close together or you may want to put a piece of glass on the top so decor items and remotes don’t slip through. If you are going for the industrial look, large wheels can be purchased at a home building store or a Habitat For Humanity store. Stack pallets if you need additional height. Take slats from the pallet, white wash them by using 1/3 white eggshell paint and 2/3 water, wall mount them and use push pins to hang jewellery. Stagger the slats for an interesting design. Pallet wood is soft so rearranging is easy. Use pallet furniture outdoors as well, put colorful cushions on it and you are set. Google pallet furniture, for hundreds of ideas.

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