Make Old Flip Flops New!

Gladiator Wrap Sandals DIY

1) Materials
Flip Flops
Lightweight Oblong Scarf ( along longer than it is wide)

The scarf is key to the success of this project. It’s important that your scarf is oblong and light. A silk scarf or lace materials would work great too!

2) Using your scissors, cut the scarf in half so that you have two long pieces of fabric.
3) Find the middle of one half of the scarf.
4)Slide the scarf under the “V” of the flip flop.
5) Place the loose ends of the scarf (the straps) through the loop formed and pull tight.
6) Slide the knot to the bottom of the “V” ( the part that goes between your toes) and separate the two fabric straps.
7) Wrap the fabric straps around the “V” of the flip flops.
Repeat with other sandal.

There are numerous way to tie Gladiator Sandals. Slip your foot in, grab both ends of the straps, start by wrapping them around the back of the ankle and just keep wrapping then tie or knot.

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