When selling a house, does home automation add to the home’s value? The answer is both yes, and no. Home appraisers don’t typically add the cost of home automation equipment when appraising the value of a home. The exception to this is that some appraisers will add value for a security system. If looking only at appraised value, you’re not likely to see a bump in value because you have a home automation system.

However, if you’re looking to make your home more appealing, having a home automation system goes a long ways toward making a strong first impression.  Distinguishing your home from others on the market is essential in selling your home quickly and getting the price you want.

Imagine your agent showing your house and picking up a remote control to open the curtains and turn off the lights with a single click. Any buyer unfamiliar with home automation is going to be immediately intrigued. You’ve just created interest and made your house memorable in the buyer’s mind. Any buyer already familiar with home automation is going to remember your home as a fellow home automation enthusiast.

Do Home Automation Devices Stay With The House?

Real estate law states that anything that is physically connected to the house is considered a fixture and therefore part of the house. When referring to home automation, this will include switches, and dimmers, thermostats, security systems, in-ceiling speakers, and anything else that is physically wired or attached to the home. Devices that can be excluded are plug-in modules, tabletop controllers, and computers.

If you don’t want to include your home automation system with the house, you will need to either replace home automation devices with non-automated versions prior to showing your home, or you will need to exclude your home automation devices in the sale contract.

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