Doors Open Saskatoon, now in it’s sixth year, is an event well worth seeing. Time for Doors Open is Sunday, June 2, from noon to 5 p.m. For full information on Doors Open Saskatoon and all the participating buildings go to Doors Open Saskatoon offers free access to buildings that are rarely accessible to the public. It is a no-charge or pre-registration event. Just hop in the car and go. Some venues feature a range of activities including guided tours and displays.

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HAPPY JUNE 2 BIRTHDAY TO: Justin Long 35, Wayne Brady 41, Charlie Watts 73, Zachary Quinto 36, Dana Carvey 58, Dominic Cooper 35, Jerry Mathers 65, Dennis Haysbert 59, Stacey Keach 72, Sally Kellerman 76, and Kyle Petty 53.

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