DIY silhouette dog paintingThis post comes from guest blogger Danielle Benson

When my husband and I were furnishing our new home, one of the most challenging items for us was finding large, customized, modern artwork to fill our walls. I needed to think of affordable ways to translate my warm but contemporary style into our new home. For this up-cycled wall art I was inspired by the antique design of children’s silhouettes from the 1920’s. Since I don’t have children, my beloved dogs, Mika and Brody, play the role of children in my life.

  original canvas for DIY art

Step 1

First, find a canvas for your new art piece. Any canvas of your desired size will do the trick. I found mine on clearance for $35 at a home décor store. Don’t be afraid to look for art at garage sales and thrift stores, too.

 print pictures of pets or children

Step 2

Take a profile photo of your desired subject (children, pets, home, etc.). Upload the photos and enlarge; I used Microsoft Publisher and changed the page set-up to be the size of my canvas. Then I enlarged the photos and printed the document on standard copy paper.

 tape cutouts to canvas

Step 3

Like putting together a puzzle, place together and cut off the excess edges of your image and tape securely onto your canvas with double stick tape. The better you tape your copy paper, the crisper and more defined your object will be.

 paint over canvas and cutouts

Step 4

Paint your canvas with spray paint or a roller brush. Let your canvas fully dry.

 remove cutouts to reveal the silhouette

Step 5

Remove the copy paper from your canvas to reveal the silhouettes of your pasted images.

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