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For detailed information about this set, please click on OUTDOOR FURNITURE – RESIN. Available in over 50 different fabric combinations.

THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY: 1. Have you ever just looked at some one and said…SERIOUSLY? 2. Today is International Disturbed People’s Day. 3. I don’t know what’s worse; people who lie or people who think I am stupid enough to believe all the lies. 4. As I’ve grown older, I have learned that pleasing everyone is impossible but annoying everyone is a piece of cake.

JOKE OF THE DAY: I set my PVR to record “The Biggest Loser” and all I get are Toronto Maple Leaf games.

HAPPY FEBRUARY 23 BIRTHDAY TO: Peter Fonda 73, Victor Flemming (1889-1949), Michael Dell 48, Patricia Richardson 62, Johnny Winter 69, Emily Blunt 30, Kristin Davis 48, Perez Hilton 35, Niecy Nash 43, and Dakota Fanning 19.

3 Responses to Brisbane Sectional – When You Want Contemporary Outdoor
  1. Hi Jenny!

    When will your patio furniture be on the showroom floor?

  2. Ok – I will stop in on Saturday and have a look.


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