First dates are stressful enough without choosing the wrong food to eat. No one gives it much thought until the big faux-pas moment. The “right” foods are usually something that are not runny, slurpy, messy, gooey or do not require you to be a fork and knife Jedi Master. 10 foods not to eat on a first date are:

1.) Hamburgers bigger than your mouth are not pretty to watch, not to mention everything that oozes out the bottom of the bun with every bite.

2.) Spicy foods are not good either. Teary eyes, runny nose and uncontrollable coughing are not the best impression to leave your date with.

3.) Whole lobster and crab are just plain messy and there is no ladylike way to dismantle these creatures of the sea. (it could also pose a PETA problem).

4.) Fast Food Restaurants. If you must do fast food,order “to-share items”; or super size it.

5.) Spinach: it’ll always get caught in either yours or her teeth and you’ll both be too embarrassed to mention it and they’ll be mortified when they discover it.

6.) Soup: no one wants to listen to slurping.

7.) Garlic Bread: Not if you want a good night kiss…if your date has garlic, it is safe to have garlic.

8.) Beans: no explanation necessary.

9.) Spaghetti: It takes some skill to twirl; and there is a great risk of spatters on a dressy (possibly new) outfit.

10.) Wings and ribs: anything that comes with Wet Naps should be avoided.

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