It can be a tough decision whether to paint an antique in a high gloss bold color or refinish the piece to it’s former glory. Unless you are a hard core vintage furniture collector and really know what you are looking for; then flea market and garage sale finds are on the re-do list. Obviously, the owners do not want the piece and is selling it at a ridiculously low price; just so it goes to a good home and not to the landfill. The dresser in this photo for example, has been redone to go in a front entrance…gorgeous. But it could have also been stripped down to the wood, refinished and refitted for use as a bathroom sink. It also could have been brightly painted and used as a change table in a baby’s room. It all comes down to what you want the piece of furniture for.

Below, are a few guidelines to help make that decision a bit easier.


  • If the piece is valuable or an antique (trust it to a professional who can tell you if refinishing might be a mistake or a good idea.)
  • If the piece is sturdy and  in relatively good shape.
  • If damage is surface only (scratches are only in the finish and aren’t deep enough to go into the wood.
  • If the piece has historical or sentimental value and maintaining it’s current look is important.
  • If there is inlaid wood (small pieces of wood carved and set into the piece.)
  • If refinishing would increase the value.


  • If the piece is not of high value.
  • If damage goes through the finish and into the wood.
  • If it makes sense to fit the decor of your existing room.
  • If painting would increase the value instead of diminish it.
  • If changing the finish allows it to take on new life.

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