JUST SAYING: “No travel advised” does not mean it’s time to pile in the car and see if it’s really as bad as the weatherman predicted.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Age is a state of mind…now if only my body believed it too. (especially after two gruelling days setting up for Gardenscape)

ANOTHER THOUGHT (CREDIT FACEBOOK): I am like an origami expert when I am down to the last three sheets of toilet paper.

HAPPY MARCH 22 BIRTHDAY TO: Dave Keon 73, William Shatner 82, Reese Witherspoon 37, JJ Watt 24, Andrew Lloyd Webber 65, Elvis Stojko 41, Stephanie Mills 56, Wolf Blitzer 65, Bob Costas 61, Tanya Raymonde 25, and May Britt (wife of Sammy Davis Jr.) 80


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