Some people like to take a book to bed and read a few pages before falling asleep while others prefer the light of day to get immersed for hours at a time. Here are a few tips to make a small corner of the house all your own.

1.) You will need a good chair, a good lamp and a side table.

2.) Add-ons could be an ottoman and wall or floor shelves to hold books. Pictures or family photos tastefully framed (not pinned) and hung around the chair also make the space yours.

3.) Select a chair that is “you”, whether it is a curl up chair, a straight up chair or a theme chair. It has to be comfortable enough to spend a long time there. This is where an ottoman can change the way you sit if things cramp up.

4.) Nothing can replace good task lighting. The light should come over the shoulder and not create shadows.

5.) Side tables come in so handy for a cup of tea or coffee, a small bouquet of fresh flowers and a place to keep reading glasses. This is where you can really personalize your space with a garage sale table painted in a bright color, or a ceramic drum-type table or simple crates stacked up. Don’t forget a snugly or a throw, to keep warm.

6.) Your reading corner doesn’t have to be just for reading, it can be a place for just closing your eyes and relaxing or listening to music for awhile. Soak your feet in a bubbling foot bath for the spa treatment feeling. At the very least, a reading corner is your own little sanctuary.

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