Try these few tricks to remove (or at least dull) Sharpie marks from almost anything. For Clothes: use hand sanitizer, for Walls: use toothpaste or hairspray, for Wood: use rubbing alcohol, for Carpets use: white vinegar and for Dry Erase Boards: use dry erase marker (it makes no sense to me either but they say it works) and for Furniture use: milk.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where they originate if the source is known.
JOKE OF THE DAY: Everyone is posting pictures of their Christmas trees and I’m over here like, I should do something about those rotting pumpkins on my porch.

CONGRATULATIONS TO: The Ottawa Redblacks Football team who won the Grey Cup in overtime today. Also, congratulations to the Calgary Stampeders who made it to the Grey Cup. It was no small feat.
HAPPY NOVEMBER 28 BIRTHDAY TO: Ryan Kwanten 40, Marc Andre Fleury 32, S. Epatha Merkerson 64, Jon Stewart 54, Ed Harris 66, Judd Nelson 57, Paul Shaffer 67, Barry Gordy Jr. 87, Karen Gillian 29, Anna Nicole Smith (1967-2007), and Alexander Gudenov (1949-1995).

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