24 Jan 2017
January 24, 2017

Make Your Own Donut Pillows

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There are dozens of YouTube videos on how to make donut pillows and even more photos of what DIY-ers have created. This set of instructions is a basic guideline to making your own pillow. The donut in this photo clearly shows the fleece fabric you can use for the pillow. The 1/2 yard of fabric is a guideline, you can make larger or smaller donuts. If you cannot find a round object the size necessary, tie a fabric pen to a piece of string, adjust the string to the length you want the circle to be, hold the string in the center of the fabric and draw a semi-circle with the pen. You may need help from another person, or weight the fabric down to hold it in place while you draw the circle.

-1/2 yard tan fleece fabric
-1/2 yard felt or fleece in the frosting color of your choice
-small pieces of green, orange, yellow, white, blue, and dark pink felt (or for older kids use buttons)
-thread in tan and frosting color
-polyfill or batting material of your choice

-fabric scissors
-sewing machine
-fabric pen
-large circular object (such as a laundry basket)
-small circular object (such as a cereal bowl)
-straight pins
-sewing needle (optional)

Step One: Fold the tan fabric in half, and using a fabric pen, trace around a large, circular object from your home (like a laundry basket), or use a makeshift compass technique (as described above). Cut out the two layers of fabric at the same time.

Step Two: In the middle of the stacked circles you just cut, trace around a bowl to make the inside donut hole. Then cut out the opening.

Step Three: Now trace the large circle onto the frosting-colored fabric, cut out the circle, and trace a bowl in the middle like you did in step two.

Step Four: With a fabric pen, draw a free-form shape on the fabric to mimic the look of drippy frosting, and then cut out the shape.

Step Five: Cut out small strips of felt from your craft felt squares. These will be your sprinkles.

Step Six: Lay the sprinkles somewhat randomly across the surface of your frosting fabric, and pin them into place.

Step Seven: Using a straight stitch, sew each of the sprinkles into place down the middle of the felt pieces. If using buttons, sew them on. Try a mixture of sprinkles and buttons.

Step Eight: After the sprinkles have all been sewn into place, trim the hanging threads, then pin the frosting fabric (pink) onto one of the tan donut-shaped pieces of fabric.

Step Nine: Using a zigzag stitch, sew the frosting fabric onto the tan fabric you pinned together in step eight.

Step Ten: Now pin the two tan pieces of fabric together. Normally when you make a pillow you would pin the good sides together and flip them right side out after sewing. That’s not possible with a donut shape, so instead, you should sew the two pieces together right side out using a zigzag stitch along the edge. This stitch style will act almost like a serger and take care of any slightly uneven cutting of the fabric’s edge. Make sure to leave an opening on the stitching around the outside of the donut so you can fill the pillow with batting.

Step Eleven: Reach your hand through the opening you left in the stitching and stuff the pillow with batting.

Step Twelve: Pin the opening closed, and either use your sewing machine (which requires quite a bit of finesse) or a needle and thread to close the opening.

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