The secret to keeping lemons and limes fresh practically forever.
Keep them in a bowl of water in your refrigerator.
Just make sure to refresh the water so that they stay covered, and they’ll taste just like the day you bought them for weeks (or longer)
You can do this even if they have been cut in half or quartered.

SHARING thanks to Connie Brumley Sutton…ORIGINAL SOURCE UNKNOWN

THIS DAY IN ENTERTAINMENT: 1996 Princess Diana and Charles, Prince of Wales, finalize their divorce after 4 years of separation.

JOKE OF THE DAY: Sometimes I just want someone to hug me and say,”I know life is hard. You’re going to be okay. Here’s chocolate and six million dollars.”

HAPPY AUGUST 28 BIRTHDAY TO: Jack Black 46, Shania Twain 50, Kyle Massey 24, Armie Hammer 29, David Soul 72, Jason Priestly 46, Daniel Stern 58, Leann Rimes 36, Billy Boyd 47, Scott Hamilton 57, Luiz Guzman 59, Paul Martin 77, Eugene Byrd 40, Lou Piniella 72, Ron Guidry 65, Alana (money-can’t-buy-class Honey Boo Boo) Thomson 10, Roxie Roker (1929-1995), and Ben Gazzara (1930-2012).

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