As we were moving furniture around in the showroom the other day, it was mentioned that these cute little stools should be featured in the daily blog. They provide a pop of color without the commitment of paint or expensive furniture. They would be great in a kid’s room as well. Below is the supplier’s product description.

Lacey – square stool with carrying handle
With frames of hardwood and panel construction, and upholstery foams with a polyester wrap, this collection of simple, robust and beautifully crafted stools, with bonded leather carrying handles for easy transporting. Available in 3 colors. You can layer in a leather texture without a big commitment. Use as a small ottoman, a quick pull-up seating or as an impromptu side table.

Width: 16″   Depth: 16″   Height: 18″
Cover: Velour. Color: Pastel Blue, Citrus or Red.    Strap: White Bonded Leather

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