The Dream Chair is a modern day take on the hammock, only you get to sit. Supports 265 pounds and is a great Father’s Day Gift. Four colors: Rusty Red, Coconut Brown, Real Olive and Indigo Blue. Two were sold on Friday which leaves only six left. Don’t be disappointed, phone in your selection and we can hold a Dream Chair for you .                   REGULAR: 399.95      SALE 339.95

We also have a good selection of hammocks, 9′ & 15′ hammock stands, and accessories as well.

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1.) I’m not fat, I’m environmentally friendly. The fatter I am, the less water it takes to fill a bath.

2.) They say the body is made up of 90% water, if that’s true, I’m not fat…I’m waterlogged.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: You never truly know a woman until she is drunk and mad at you.

HAPPY JUNE 15 BIRTHDAY TO: Jake Busey 41, Neil Patrick Harris 40, Helen Hunt 50, Elizabeth Reaser 38, Courtney Cox 49, Jim Belushi 59, Jim Varney (1949-2000), Lea Remini 43, Dusty Baker 64, Wade Boggs 54, and Billy Williams 75.

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