THE BATHROOM is the place every guest visits and the room your housekeeping skills will be judged on. These tricks will get the room looking freshly scrubbed in 15 minutes or less.

1. In the bag. To start, hang a plastic sack on the doorknob for tossing the cleaning cloths you’re about to use and emptying the waste­basket. 2. First, flush. Next, grab some bleach. Pour a cup into the bowl; brush around the sides and under the rim. Then move on to the next task for five minutes. 3. Quick shine. While the bleach is working, fill a spray bottle with equal parts water and white vinegar (or better yet, keep a bottle stored nearby for just this occasion). Spritz onto paper towels or a microfiber cloth, and zero in on those telltale soap drips and toothpaste spatters on faucets, mirrors, countertops, and in the sink. Close the shower doors or curtain. 4. Wipe control. Flip over one of those same vinegar wipes and run it across the back of your dusty toilet tank, then over, under, and around the seat. Flush the bleach that’s been sitting in the bowl, toss the wipe into your doorknob bag, and move on. 5. Towel trick. Instead of scooping up all the used bath towels, just put out fresh hand towels — those are the only ones short-term guests use anyway. Leave the others on the bar; just straighten them. 6. Exit strategy. Now it’s time for the floor. Shake out your rug or bath mat to fluff it up so it looks recently vacuumed. Next, with a dampened paper towel, swoosh the corners of the room, where most of the hair and dust collects. And don’t forget to take the plastic bag with you when you leave! 7. Fresh Scent. Light a scented candle in a safe place, it will override the bleach smell. Use an outdoor scent such as Rain, Seashore or Fresh Linen. In the winter, Balsam Fir or Cinnamon is a good choice.

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