Hang art in surprising locations, like over a door or above a tall cabinet or on the pilasters of a bookcase. Art doesn’t have to be a huge investment. Frame old keys in shadow boxes on a small wall beside the back door. We’ve seen a giant tumbleweed hung on a wall in a stairwell. It was a cream color with an unusually pink stem, the 3-D effect filled the space and looked great. Try hanging a collection of small art pieces in a corner and on the adjoining wall, it is truly different. Cut out 20 pages from a favorite book. Buy 20 inexpensive frames and place them side by side in rows on a wall. Repetition is powerful.
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SAYING OF THE DAY (THIS IS SO TRUE): The best thing about being in your late 30’s is…we did most of our stupid crap before the internet.

HAPPY AUGUST 11 BIRTHDAY TO: Chris Hemsworth 30, Hulk Hogan 60, Alex Haley (1921-1992), Viola Davis 48, Ian McDairmid 69, Pablo Sandoval 27, Steve Wozniak 63, Arlene Dahl 88, and Anna Gunn 45.