We’ve all had our most favorite (or versatile) pair of pants ruined because the zipper slides down with every movement. And…we’ve all tried the big safety-pin trick with disastrous results. This trick is so head-slapper-simple, you’ll wonder why you never thought of this. Buy a split ring about the size of a penny from any key shop and run it through the hole at the top of the zipper, then hook it around the button on the waistband. Do up your jeans and the ring is hidden.

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QUOTE OF THE DAY: The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything retail, sells everything wholesale and pays the freight both ways. – JFK

JUNE 24th is: Take Your Dog To Work Day (we do that every day)

HAPPY JUNE 24 BIRTHDAY TO: Robert Downey Sr. 77, Joe Penny 57, Solange Knowles 27, Jeff Beck 69, Minka Kelly 33, Mindy Kaling 34, Mick Fleetwood 66, Michelle Lee 71, Sherry Stringfield 46, Petra Nemcova 34, Ian Glen 52, and Peter Weller 66.

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