You discover mouse droppings and there is no trap handy, here are a few ways to get rid of mice with some common household things. Try these tricks or borrow a cat.

Dry Cement: Combine one cup of flour with one cup of dry cement in a bowl. Dry cement is the powder used to create cement. Add one tablespoon of salt and mix until well combined. Look for areas where you see mice most frequently, or notice a large number of mouse droppings. Pour the mixture onto a paper plate and set it near the droppings, with a bowl of water nearby. Mice are attracted to the mixture and eat it quickly, but it makes them thirsty. When they drink the water, the mixture dries inside their bodies, killing them quickly. If the mixture doesn’t lure mice in, add cocoa powder; the scent attracts them.

Soda: Pour a can of soda into a small bowl and set it in an area where the mice dwell. The carbonation in the soda kills the mice not long after they drink it. Place small bowls of the soda in your kitchen cabinets, under the sink and anywhere else you think mice live. Keep in mind that the soda may attract ants.

Mashed Potatoes: Place a thin layer of mashed potatoes in all mice-infested areas. Place a water source near the mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes work similarly to the dry cement mixture; when the mice eat the potatoes, the sodium makes them thirsty. They seek out water, which causes the mashed potatoes to expand in their stomachs and kill them. Clean up any remaining mashed potatoes, as it might attract ants.

How to clean after mice infestation: When you begin cleaning, it is important that you do not stir up dust by sweeping or vacuuming up droppings, urine, or nesting materials.

  • Wear rubber, latex, or vinyl gloves when cleaning urine and droppings.
  • Spray the urine and droppings with a disinfectant or a mixture of bleach and water and let soak 5 minutes. The recommended concentration of bleach solution is 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. When using a commercial disinfectant, following the manufacturer’s instructions on the label for dilution and disinfection time.
  • Use a paper towel to pick up the urine and droppings, and dispose of the waste in the garbage.
  • After the rodent droppings and urine have been removed, disinfect items that might have been contaminated by rodents or their urine and droppings.

Mop floors and clean countertops with disinfectant or bleach solution. Steam clean or shampoo upholstered furniture and carpets with evidence of rodent exposure. Wash any bedding and clothing with laundry detergent in hot water if exposed to rodent urine or droppings. Lastly, remove gloves, and thoroughly wash hands with soap and water (or use a waterless alcohol-based hand rub when soap is not available and hands are not visibly soiled).

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