03 Apr 2013
April 3, 2013

One more Piece of “The Pat”

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The picture is a bit dark but this is how they left The Pat at quitting time about 8:00 pm last night. It seemed to take gentle stokes by the bucket to take down 3-5′ of brick walls at a time. Lots of dust with all the old wood, sawdust insulation, drywall (or lathe and plaster).

Charter House Interiors main floor has now been converted to outdoor living furniture. All that is left to do is some of the accessories. There is 20% off regular pricing on selected resin sets (seating and dining). We have brought in two container loads of furniture direct from the factory and can offer terrific savings. Oh yes…and free storage until you can find your deck under all that snow.

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HAPPY APRIL 3 BIRTHDAY TO: Doris Day 89, Wayne Newton 71, Pecabo Street 42, David Hyde Pierce 54, Alec Baldwin 55, Jenny Garth 41, Eddie Murphy 52, Amanda Bynes 27, and Marlon Brando (1924-2004).

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