Shade Sails are a relatively new addition to outdoor decor and are a fun and different alternative to an umbrella. They can be purchased at many stores and on-line for a reasonable price.

If you have specific questions about attaching your shade sail to your home or building, or are uncertain about the strength of potential attachment points, contact a carpenter or handyman that can evaluate your building or structure.  When mounting a sail, there are two alternatives to consider: 1.) install mounting points to accommodate pre-made sails. 2.) install mounting points first and have a shade custom made to fit.

When attaching to a building, it is very important to ensure that the attachment point is structurally strong to withstand wind. Other attachment points can include steel or wood posts, concrete or wood walls.

In most cases it is suggested the use of turnbuckles on each corner of the sail. This allows for tensioning of the shade sail. When using turnbuckles, work your way around the shade, to ensure an even amount of tension across the sail. Steel cables or chain can be used to span distances from shade sail corners to attachment points.

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  1. Thanks for sharing great post , I think conservatory shading is best for outdoor shading because its reduce and reflect heat.


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