This application of a sheet or two of pegboard is brilliant…especially in kids rooms. The headboard can grow with the child, paint it more sophisticated colors as the child grows. CAUTION: Do not use small pieces of hanging hardware on your pegboard that a baby or small child can swallow.

You will need a wooden frame to mount the pegboard to. It is easy to find instructions on GOOGLE.

Baby: Use a section of pegboard as a utility station over and behind the change table and keep wipes, extra diapers, powder and all other baby needs in wire baskets or on convenient hooks.

Child: Move a single bed up against the pegboard. Use wire baskets for books and small toys.

Teen: Let them decide on a color for their pegboard headboard. By now it may need expanding or replacing. Now they can handle small hooks for hanging pictures, larger hooks for baseball caps, scarves and jewelery.

Adult: Go floor to ceiling and almost wall to wall with your headboard. This would cover an uneven wall in a rental or an older home and add a ton of extra storage in a small bedroom. Think of all the decorating possibilities.

Don’t limit pegboard to bedrooms either. Even a small strip of wall can yield lots of added storage.

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