Awhile back, most of the home decorating shows on television shunned live plants, opting instead for one huge leaf in a vase on a table instead. Silk plants were definitely the pariah of the decorating industry. The trend is switching back to where plants and trees are popular again…and why not? They add warmth, ambiance and “life” to a room; they fill spaces where nothing else is right and they filter sunlight. Keeping plants inside the room not only adds to the decor but indoor plants improve the air and keep the room cool and fresh. Of course, there is the care associated with live plants but it is well worth the effort.

Silk plants can be your new best decorating friend if you buy quality silk plants. Look for  plants with new and old growth, check if the branches are finished well; tapered and the tips concealed with moss or some another covering. Stay away from the $39.00 six foot ficus tree type of silk, it’ll cheapen the entire room. Busy people on the go, snowbirds and cabin owners will find artificial plants and trees a real blessing. No maintenance, just get up and go. Once a year or so, spray on a silk plant cleaner and that’s it. The hottest trend in artificial plants are succulent gardens. Clear glass vases, bowls, apothecary jars and even drinking glasses are the perfect vessel. Use river rock as a base, maybe a bit of moss and the succulent is all that is needed.

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TIP OF THE DAY: If you are using any kind of tape without a tape dispenser, attach a bread clip to the loose end of the tape to avoid losing it. The bread clip is easily visible and keeps the tape handy.

HAPPY JULY 22 BIRTHDAY TO: David Spade 49, Rhys Ifans 46, Selena Gomez 21, Alek Trebek 73, Bobby Sherman 70, Danny Glover 67, Don Henley 66, A.J. Cook 35, Willem Dafoe 58, Rose Kennedy (1890-1995), Dan Rowan (1922-1987), and Terrence Stamp 75



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