Regardless of age or the type of workout you do, it is extremely important that you look after yourself properly. After your workout, you will find that you may feel quite dehydrated if you haven’t successfully been keeping your fluids up throughout the exercises. It is vital that you drink 2-3 cups within two hours after your workout has completed. Then, it is important to drink water regularly after this. Although you may not feel thirsty anymore, you still need to replenish yourself to avoid further dehydration.

Stretching is also an important part of your post-workout ritual, and this is because after a workout, your muscles naturally contract. Stretching will prevent your muscles from shrinking, and it will also allow your muscles to relax. Stretching is also beneficial for boosting circulation to your joints and tissues, reducing stiffness of the muscles and allowing you to get the full benefits from your super workout!

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HAPPY AUGUST 1 BIRTHDAY TO: Tempestt Bledsoe 40, Jerry Garcia (1942-1995), Robert Cray 60, Dom Deluise (1933-2009), Jason Momoa 34, Yves St. Laurent (1936-2008), and Madison Baumgarner 24.

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