Cabana Coast Deep Seating Covers

You have just spent a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars on outdoor patio furniture and now it is time to protect your investment. Sure, the fabric is Sunbrella, the best in the outdoor fabric industry and there is reticulated quick dry foam inside but this is Saskatchewan, home to some of the harshest climate anywhere. Add to the fact that it is a pain (if not impossible to drag in huge cushions every time you use the furniture). We keep a few basic cover sizes in stock but there are dozens of sizes of covers available. They are loosely called custom-made (they are manufactured as they are ordered proudly MADE IN CANADA) but none will fit perfectly. The covers are made from water resistant and UV protected, off-white fabric (most pieces have draw strings).

Click on the photo of the kind of cover you may need (Sectional Covers, Deep Seating Covers or Accessory Covers) and use the EXPAND button in the top right corner of the photo. This will bring up the size charts. Measure your set carefully and choose the closest size and we will order it for you. Custom covers are non-refundable.

There should be a size of cover that will fit nearly any set, no matter where it was purchased.

Remember: the better you look after your outdoor furniture, the better it will serve you.

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  1. We have an outdoor swoehr by the pool, at the back of our house. It is close to one of the water heaters, so we plumbed it for both hot and cold water, which is nice. I have planted some red ginger in front of it, and it provides a nice little privacy screen. We chose a large rain swoehr head and ran the plumbing behind the wooden “wall” we built for the back of the swoehr. I will post some pictures of it on my blog to give you a better idea.


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