Ceramic Face Vases

Two sizes: 8.5″W x 9.5″D x 8″H and 6.5″W x 7.5″D x 5.75″H,

Two finishes: chrome and white

4 Responses to Ceramic Face Vases
  1. Hello,
    Can I please get a price for the large white ceramic face vase and how to purchase immediately? Thank you

    • Hi, the price for the large face vase is 47.95 and the small vase (both in white) is 31.95. We have the small vase in stock and it is on sale for 20% off. Please let us know if we can be of any help.

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Do you have the large one in stock? Can you please email me the link to buy the small or large to Lexus42@aol.com
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi, we have the small faces in stock…1 white, 1 chrome. We do not have the large faces and will not be gotting them in unless you want to special order them. Please let us know. Jennifer


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