Ratana – Hillsboro Sectional

HILLSBORO: Gorgeous two toned taupe resin in a modern wide flat weave. Double walled woven construction over an aluminum frame means extra weight and an exquisitely finished exterior. Mix or match all the pieces. Dozens of fabric choices make this set your own style. Curvy 3″ aluminum legs make the Hillsboro appear more indoor than outdoor. TIP: Invest in furniture covers to protect this top of the line set.

Sunbrella fabrics: the best in the outdoor industry, are water repellent and are UV protected to resist fading and rotting. Cleaning: wipe the cushions with mild soap and water once a year or if there is a stain. Machine washing is not recommended as it breaks down the UV protection and the water repellent properties.

Foam: The large cell reticulated slab foam used in the seats, is quick dry and mold and mildew resistant.

Resin: The frames can be left outdoors all year (even in our harsh winters). We recommend covering the frames to avoid sun and snow damage through the winter. In the spring, wash with a garden hose or soapy water.

Hillsboro Sectional Left/Right Arm
FN40453LTAU/C / FN40453RTAU/C
W28.5″ x D39.5″ x H36.25″
Weight: 44 LBS
Seat Height: 17″
Arm Height: 25.5″

Hillsboro Sectional Center
W23.5″ x D38″ x H36.25″
Weight: 36 LBS
Seat Height: 17″

Hillsboro Sectional Wedge Corner
W51″ x D38″ x H36.25″
Weight: 61 LBS
Seat Height: 17″

Hillsboro Wedge End Table w/Mesh Support & Tray
W7.5″(15″) x D35.25″ x H25″
Weight: 20 LBS

Hillsboro Sectional 40\” Round Coffee Table w/Clear Glass
W42.5″(DIA) x 13″
Weight: 70 LBS

Hillsboro Sectional 40″ Round Ottoman
W42.5″(DIA) x 13″
Weight: 37 LBS




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