Poo pourri…buy it one time for a joke and buy it many times after because it really does work. A revolutionary bathroon deodorizer you spritz on the water surface in the toilet bowl. Safe for plumbing and the environment. *If you are offended by talking about bodily functions, please stop reading now.*


  1.  Will it work on my husband? Yes! Rarely do people overwhelm this product.
  2. Does it contain floaters? Yes. Anything that breaks the surface of the water is immediately coated.
  3. What about gas before or after? No, it doesn’t contain gas but a light spritz in the air should do it.
  4. Does it come in many fragrances? Yes, there are many fragrances, both masculine and feminine.
  5. How about sizes? There are three sizes: a 4oz. bottle, an 8 oz bottle and a small purse (or suit jacket) size. Take it travelling.
  6. Why do we have to shake the bottle before use? Poo pourri is made from natural scents and natural products which need to be mixed together.


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