Rainlite Candles

Perfect for indoor and outdoor, Rainlite candles are weather resistant and worry free. The durable plastic shell can withstand rain and won’t melt in the sun and the heat. A drainage hole in the top and rubber seals ensure your Rainlite candle remains in good condition-whatever the weather. Sizes 3×5″, 3×7″ and 3×9″ in Ivory.

Rainlite candles feature Tru-Flame LED technology for the perfect balance of light, color and flicker. The TruFlame random flicker pattern won’t repeat itself for 72 hours, giving it an authentic feel closely mimicking the look of a traditional candle. TruFlame incorporates 3 LED’s into 1 making the most realistic LED candle.

When set, the smart-timer illuminates at the same time each day for 8 hours, automatically turning itself off and on.

Light up the night anytime with this indoor/outdoor candle remote. Allows you to control when and how long your Rainlite candles stay on!

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