Table Top Fire Pots & Gel Fuel

Table top fire pots have been an ongoing product at Charter House for years. They make great wedding, housewarming gifts or just a gift you want to give yourself. The pots are an attractive addition to any outdoor space and can be color co-ordinated to match your decor.

MANUFACTURING: Each fire pot is crafted by hand and no two are the same. Small color differences and imperfections are considered part of the hand-crafted appeal. The pot does not get hot, it is safe for any surface.

COLORS: Featured here are six colors. Brown Emerge, Coral, Midnight, Chestnut, Ocean and Moss. Coral is a limited edition color, if it is accepted well, it may be added as a permanent color. The Brown Emerge is a split between brown and green, some fire pots show way more green and some show more brown. Either one is beautiful. There are other shapes, colors and sizes of fire pots available in-store.

CARE: Cover or store your fire pot when not in use. The lids are not water tight, nor are they meant to be water tight. Store indoors in the winter, they are not meant for extreme cold temperatures. Wash by hand with soapy water when dirty.

GEL FUEL: Each can of fuel lasts 2.5 – 3 hours. You may start and stop your gel as many times as you need by putting the lid on the can and extinguishing the flame. Use a with a BBQ lighter to light your gel. It comes in unscented and citronella scent; customers tell us the citronella works well to keep mosquitoes away.



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