Yummi Candles

Yummi Candles

Made in Canada, these candles feature long burn times, a wide colour and size selection, superior quality and excellent value making Yummi candles the premiere candle range available on the market today! Double dipped in saturated color. Unscented.


Micro Round Floater Candle  2″ – 5 hour burn time

Small Round Floater Candle  2.25″ – 6 hour burn time

Large Round Floater candle  3″ – 8 hour burn time

Ball Shere Candle  3″ – 14 hour burn time

Small Pillar Candle  3″ x 4″ – 40 hour burn time

Medium Pillar Candle  3″ x 6″ – 60 hour burn time

Large Pillar Candle  3″ x 8″ – 80 hour burn time

Slim Pillar Candle  2″ x 3″ – 18 hour burn time

Conical Votive Candle  2″ – 15 hour burn time

Made in CANADA.

Bombay Secret, Moroccan Sunset and Cayman Night in stock.

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