1.) Create privacy and intimacy by growing trees, vines, hanging baskets and tall flowering plants. Make your own ‘walled courtyard garden room’, your neighbors will seem to disappear. 2.) If you have the space, build a multi-level deck with a food prep area, seating area and dining area. In other parts of the yard, provide small seating areas with a tete-a-tete or hanging swing or two chairs and a small table. 3.) Hang gauzy curtains off your porch or deck for more of a room-type feeling, just replace them every few years. 4.) Add mirrors…they can be  Garage Sale Chic and perked up with a coat of shiny bold exterior paint. Just be sure and hang them where the sun doesn’t reflect the rays and start a fire (from personal experience). 5.) Add an outdoor carpet. There are tons of gorgeous colors and patterns out there. A carpet helps define spaces on a flat deck or patio. It also keeps the heat off your feet. 6.) Add light, whether it is mini-lights in trees or a plug in light fixture (check all safety codes), there are some different patio lanterns out there as well. 7.) Go overboard with candles in hurricane vases, glass jars or lanterns. Line a walkway with them. 8.) Go bold with color and mix patterns. You are outside…make it colorful and happy with hot pink, sunny yellow, lime green and tangerine. Or make it like the seashore with white, earth-tones and shades of blue. 9.) Use super colorful and patterned dishes to add a vacation feel. Store them away for the winter, then they remain ‘special’. 10.) Ponds or fountains are a real soothing addition to and outdoor space, even very small features. They also help block out street noise.

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