Garbage and re-cycling bins are a necessity in our yards today but looking out at the Blue and black plastic bins from your kitchen window can tend to be an eye-sore. Creating a vertical garden is the perfect solution. If you are looking for a DIY project for the weekend this screen is made from packing pallets perfect.
You will need to first build a basic frame to mount the pallets then run a plane over any areas that look like they may splinter or pierce the plants. Install large strap hinges on the inside corners (or outside if you don’t mind the rustic look) and a wheel for ease of movement of the pallet ‘doors’. Use a good marine paint for a long lasting paint job. Create a base in the rungs to support the plants and paint. You can line the troughs with a weed mat liner, a small layer of moss and follow with potting mix. If you can find pots small enough to fit, it will be an even easier way to fill the wall with green. Succulents are very suitable as they don’t require a great deal of space for their root system and are low maintenance. Faux (resin) succulents like we sell at Charter House are a good ‘fill-in’ plant between the real succulents. A single pallet mounted on an ugly wall or large expanse of fence makes a gorgeous living wall as well.

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SAYING OF THE DAY: When a woman says “What?” It’s not because she didn’t here you. She’s giving you a chance to change what you said.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: If anyone ever tells you your dreams are silly. Remind them, there is some millionaire walking around who invented the pool noodle.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY: 1985 U.S. Route 66 ceases to be an official U.S. highway

HAPPY JUNE 27 BIRTHDAY TO: Tobey Maguire 39, Helen Keller (1880-1968), Bob “Captain Kangaroo’ Keeshan (1927-2004), Sam Claflin 27, Matthew Lewis 24, Ross Perot 83, Vera Wang 64, and one of those dreadful Kardashians, Khloe 29.

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