No big blog today, it’s Sunday and I am having a lazy day. But…here is a good tip on how to ripen avocados
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TIP OF THE DAY: Got an avocado that’s solid as a rock? Place it in a bowl with a few apples. Ethylene, which occurs naturally in apples, triggers the ripening process. How cool is that?

ANOTHER TIP OF THE DAY: When baking a cake from a box mix, use unsalted butter instead of oil, milk instead of water and a few of extra drops of vanilla and your cake will taste like it was made from scratch.

HAPPY AUGUST 24 BIRTHDAY TO: Rupert Grint 26, Chad Michael Murray 33, Cal Ripkin Jr. 54, Alex O’Loughlin 38, Steve Guttenberg 56, Marlee Matlin 49, Anze Kopitar 27, Carmine Giovinazzo 41, Jared Harris 53, and, Mike Shanahan 62.

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