SAM TOFT art is something we feature at Charter House. I must admit when we first saw her art, we thought it was unattractive and repetitive with the same funny man with the wide brimmed hat and scarf in every piece. The salesperson talked us into giving some of her works a try because (she said) they are a best seller. Even as we unwrapped Sam’s art, we thought “Seriously?” Once the art was on the wall, we saw what all the fuss was about, it was instant appreciation. As it turns out, her art is a best seller and we ordered replacements of the pieces that have sold plus new introductions which we eagerly snapped up. The framed prints are small (about 18-24″) but that is the huge appeal of them. Choose one piece for a small wall, three pieces for over a bed or sofa or make a complete story board with nine pieces on a larger wall. Sam uses vibrant primary colors which seem to blend in almost anywhere. The Sam Toft order will be arriving at Charter House sometime in September. 


Born in June 1964, Sam’s earliest ambition was to work in a post office. Instead she has been a fire extinguisher salesman, a silver service waitress, a death grants advisor, a Wedgwood Rooms worker, a catering manager, a civil servant, a student, an au pair and an unemployed person. She has lived in Staffordshire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Le Vaudreuil Ville Nouvelle, Essex, Surrey, Liverpool, Balham, Tooting, Ealing and Middlesex but has settled for the now in Brighton& Hove.

She graduated from Kingston Polytechnic with a BA in Applied Social Science (having transferred from a business sandwich degree with French). She had not a clue what to do but knew through and through that she would never be a Poet. A career in the civil service was not well tolerated and catering management wasn’t really where the heart was. A change in direction was needed. Sharpish. She moved up to Liverpool and did a BTEC in General Art and Design at City of Liverpool Community College where an inspirational teacher by the name of Hering gave her the confidence to give it a go with her pictures.

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