25 Nov 2016
November 25, 2016

Spray Paint Mailboxes For Kids Rooms

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Here is a fun and clever way to contain ‘kid clutter’. Paint metal mailboxes a solid color and stencil the child’s name on the lid (you can likely find reasonably priced mailboxes at Habitat For Humanity stores). Leave notes for the kids, reminders to clean up their rooms, lost and found, a dollar or two as a reward for a job well done or any other Thing you can think of.

Credit: blogger Connie Brumley Sutton for this fine idea.

SHARING: I do not claim all posts to be my own…I post the sites, who and where they originate if the source is known.

JOKE OF THE DAY: It isn’t a successful barbecue until some drunken idiot walks face first into a closed sliding glass door. I’m fine by the way.

SAD DAY IN THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS: Florence Henderson, who went from Broadway star to become one of America’s most beloved television moms in “The Brady Bunch,” has died. She was 82. Henderson died Thursday night November 24 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, she had suffered heart failure.

HAPPY NOVEMBER 25 BIRTHDAY TO: Billy Burke 51, Katie Cassidy 31, Bruno Tonioli 62, Ben Stein 73, Christina Applegate 46, Barbara and Jenna Bush 36, Charlaine Harris 66, Amy Grant 57, Steven Lunsford 28, Ricardo Maltalban (1920-2009), Joe DiMaggio (1914-1999), and John F. Kennedy Jr. (1960-1999).

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