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THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Everyone knows how protective daddies are of their perfect little girls and what would happen if you should ever make her cry. HOWEVER…hell hath no fury like a mother who thinks you are out to hurt her boy!!!!!

JOKE OF THE DAY: It’s Friday…don’t forget to leave work early today so that people think you actually have plans.

THIS DAY IN SPORTS: 1971 For the first time, the boxing world gets to see Ali vs. Frazier with Joe Frazier winning the bout.

HAPPY MARCH 8 BIRTHDAY TO: Mickey Dolenz 68, Kat Von D 31, Hines Ward 37, James Van Der Beek 37, Aiden Quinn 54, Freddie Prinze Jr. 37, Camryn Manheim 52, Lynn Redgrave (1943-2010), Alan “Skipper” Hale (1921-1999), and Clint, Dave and Bob Moffatt.