27 Sep 2015
September 27, 2015

How To Organize Tools With PVC Pipe

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Stop fighting with an unwieldy collection of shovels, rakes, and other garden tools. Slipped into their own PVC tubes, tall tools neatly stand in place on a garage wall, and shorter tools hang on the wall just waiting for you to grab them with ease.

Organizing Garden Tools with PVC: If there is a sea of tool chaos in your garage or tool shed, if the floor is piled deep with tarps, garden stakes and tools that have no home…then it is time to start organizing. There may be many tools you just can’t find anymore or forget you even have. Start by emptying out the entire tool shed and organize it all on the driveway. Job number one is purging; trashing what is beyond repair and donating any tool that is still in decent shape but is of no further use.

 Then start by giving the space a good cleaning, measuring that space, planning, arranging where all the tools will be placed. It will help to add additional shelving for storing items that cannot be hung on the wall. Plastic bins will hold garden stakes and various other bits that need to be organized. Label the bins and no more clutter.
Most sheds and garages do not have interior walls so a 3/4″ plywood sheet provides a new wall surface to store tools and gives the project a clean, finished look.
Next, cut PVC pieces to about a 6″ length and at an angle (approx. 30º) on the band saw. After cutting, sand off the plastic shreds. The reason for cutting the pipe at an angle is to have clear access to a drill hole for attaching these to the wall. Then drill holes into each end. Find a height on the wall where the rakes, shovels etc. stay upright but there is still enough height to pull the tool out easily. Mount PVC pieces at the mid point and bottom of the shed wall. Save the short end pieces to use for smaller tools. Start arranging the tools by most to least needed and go from there.
Spaces only stay organized if everything has a home and it is labeled. This is particularly helpful if there are several family members using the tools. Label each piece of PVC pipe with duct tape and permanent marker.
Now for the smaller hand tools. This is where the short end pieces of PVC pipe are useful. Organize the hand tools and arrange them in order of usefulness and wall space. Decide on how many pieces of pipe that you’ll need and cut them, on an angle. Sand off the plastic shreds and drill holes in the pipe and screw them into the wall. Label the pipes and put the tools in their proper place.
While all the tools are out in the open, give them a once over and if they need sharpening, rust removal or any other little repair; get that done as soon as possible…you’ll be glad you did.
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