06 Apr 2013
April 6, 2013

Tips To Hang A Picture

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TWO SIMPLE TIPS: 1.) Use a hair comb to hold a nail in place instead of banging your fingers with the hammer. Simply insert the nail between the teeth in the comb and hold in place.  2.) If you have a larger picture to hang and need to drill a hole, then fold a sticky note about 1/3-1/2 the way up forming a V. Stick it to the wall under where you are about to drill the dust will collect in the V.

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SIGN ON THE SIDE OF A ROAD: Every Year Thousands Of Men Will Die From Stubbornness…..and scrawled underneath the sign was “NO WE WON’T”.

SAYING OF THE DAY: I may be old but that’s okay….I got to see all the GOOD bands.

HAPPY APRIL 6 BIRTHDAY TO: Billy Dee Williams 76, Merle Haggard 76, Zach Braff 38, Paul Rudd 44, John Ratzenburger 66, Marilu Henner 61, and Andre Previn 84.

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